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Weight Loss and Fitness Links

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Weight-control Information Network
This is the source for scientific-based and research support information.
Shape Up America!
This is Dr. C Everet Koops guide for Americans wishing to shape up and begin healthy lifestyles.
Elliptical Trainers from Smooth Fitness. Smooth fitness has a large selection of elliptical trainers.
Gastric Surgery for Severe Obesity
This is a publication from the Weight Information Network concerning an overview of gastic surgery for severely obese individuals.
Body Mass Index Chart
This is a BMI chart at Nutrition News focus.
Self Magazine Website
Physical Education, health and fitness website. Visit the nutrition area, for diet calculators and Tufts Newletter at phys.
Fitness Partner Connection Jumpsite!
HUGS International - Nondieting resources & Info
Hugs offers a realistic nondiet approach to weight management.
The Solution: 6 Ways to Lasting Weight Loss
This program is related to Shapedown for children program.
Strong Women Stay Slim
A strength training and weight management for life book by Miriam Nelson Phd.
Weight Watchers International
This program has helped many over the years.
The Weigh Down Workshop
This is a dietitian designed, christian based weight loss program.


Julie H. Burns MS,RD - Sportsfuel Inc, sports nutrition and training.
Sports nutrition consulting company in Western Springs, IL. Learn how to nurish mind, body and spirit to improve athletic performance.
Melinda Hughs MS, RD, LD - Awesomebody.com - Nutrition and Health
Fitness, nutrition and health page designed to provide quality up to date health education products and services.
Jennifer Andrews RD - Welcome to Body Break Online
Dietitian health, nutrition and fitness site.
Timi Gustafsan RD - CyberDiet's Home Page
The place to go to answer questions about how to adopt a healthy lifestyle.
Tracy Kaufman RD - dietsite.com - Online Diet and Recipe Analysis
Valuable nutrition and health information and weight loss help.
Gwen Shamblin MS, RD - The Weigh Down Workshop
This is a dietitian designed, christian based weight loss program.
Zonya Foco RD - Zonya Health International Making Good Intentions Come True
Certified fitness instructor, nutrition and wellness site, with private coaching and workshops available from Walled Lake, MI.
Elisa S Zied MS, RD, CDN - NutritionResource.com
Consulting dietitian, media spokesperson and certified exercise trainer and author. .
Links to Dietitian's on the Web
This is Cynthia's links to dietitians, many of which specialize in weight loss and fitness issuses.

Articles, Research and Publications

FDA/CFSAN The Facts about Weight Loss Products and Programs
NIDDK Health Information: Nutrition and Obesity
What's New in Obesity Control
Obesity research article and weight loss resources from medscape.  
Cornell News: Thermogenesis and weight loss
Strong Women: Visit this site for free monthly e-mail newsletter with exercises and nutrition tips.
Aim for Healthy Weight - National Heart, Lung, and Blood Institute
A Grocery List and Meal Plan Helps With Weight Loss - Heart Information Network
Healthy Weight Planner - Mayo Clinic
Losing Weight Safely - U.S. Food and Drug Administration
Feel Full on Fewer Calories - University of Nebraska Cooperative Extension
Mayo Clinic Healthy Weight PyramidMayo Clinic Healthy Weight Pyramid
A Parent's Guide to Children's Weight (PDF file) - Iowa State University Extension

Fad Diets and Alternative Medicine

QuackWatch Home Page Rick Hall - MiningCo - Fad Diets - Nutrition - Net Links
Nutrition guides collection of online resources concerning fad diets.
American Heart Association Position on Fad Diets
This states the AHA position on fad diets and what to look for. It also provides list of educational facts sheet related to healthy eating habits.
Office of Alternative Medicine - OAM - National Institutes of Health NIH
Veg Source Article
Fad Diets verses Dietary Guidelines - American Institute for Cancer Research
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